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At Midland Construction and Remodeling Services, we offer a variety of carpentry services ranging from customized cabinets, stairwells, frames, and many other wood works. Over the years, we have successfully built solid structures that have the ability to stand the test of time.

The recommendations from several happy customers of ours are quite a justification for our many years of experience and credibility. At ###, we ensure every project meets and exceeds the standards required by the carpentry industry.

Our carpentry services include crown molding, trim, closets, shelving, framing, counter-tops, covers, pergolas, fences, etc. We work closely with the specifics of each client as we also proffer workable solutions in order to achieve the best result for each client. Our desire is to satisfy our clients, giving them a solid wood work that would stand the test of time.

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Midland Construction and Remodel Company is locally owned & operated. We take pride in our work & believe that the crown jewel of advertising is word of mouth. We believe in keeping our local Midland economy strong & using local supply houses.