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We offer a wide range of painting services for the interior and/or exterior of commercial or residential buildings. Whether you desire a repainting of your structure or a new painting entirely, we make use of only high-quality materials coupled with our unrivaled expertise to provide the best painting services for our clients.

For every project, we ensure the best quality is provided as we adhere to professional standards required by the painting industry.
Sloppy painting surfaces are a result of low standard materials or a less qualified team. At Midland Construction and Remodeling Company, we make use of only high-quality paints as we deploy our unrivaled expertise. Our services include roll-on, full line of spray, hand-paint, etc. While carrying out these services, we ensure your belongings are safe from being stained by covering them with tarp and plastics.

"We consider every painting job (big or small) as a major project and we ensure all resources are put to use to ensure the best service is given to our clients."

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Go Local, Stay Local.

Midland Construction and Remodel Company is locally owned & operated. We take pride in our work & believe that the crown jewel of advertising is word of mouth. We believe in keeping our local Midland economy strong & using local supply houses.